Current Board Memberships and Operating Roles


SimpleFinance - (2019-present)
Moscow, Russia 
Board of Directors 
Following SimpleFinance’s successful Eurobond placement in June 2017 and two successful equity rounds with SBI Group (Japan) in September 2017 and September 2018, brought on board to advise in implementing  best practices in corporate governance and key market initiatives while contributing to the strengthening of the financial platform’s market leadership. 

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Urakali - (2011-present)
Board of Directors of previously LSE-listed Registrant based in CIS
Chairman Audit Committee
Chairman Remunerations Committee
Led Urakali’s efforts to buyback shares through 2015, as a precursor to de-listing Urakali from the LSE, but retaining MICEX listing. The Board and major shareholders’ aims were to provide a liquidity event for shareholders who might have concerns about exposure to the Russian market.

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Moscow Exchange

MOEX Group - Russia National Settlement Depository
Supervisory Board
Chairman Audit Committee
Was recruited as MOEX’ first truly independent global director for the NSD assets, in an effort to instill world class governance and transparency standards.

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PSINOS Inc. - (2014-present)
Chairman of the Board and founder
A rapidly expanding technology company involved in leading-edge technologies including cyber-security, anomaly detection, data and technology enrichment, movement, and efficiency (e.g., SON, “connected car”), which incubates newer technologies and provides technology validation and development expertise.

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qVortex Technologies Inc - (2014 – present)
Chairman of the Board, and shareholder
Technology company (an incubatee of PSINOS) with advanced compression, encryption and FEC products, where the advanced IP was developed in Serbia, and the business must be developed in the US and Western Europe, where the major revenue streams are located.

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Business Council for International Understanding

Business Council for International Understanding (“BCIU”) - (1995-present)
Member of the Board, former Chairman of the Board (2006 — 2010)
(US NGO founded under President Eisenhower)

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Transatlantic Council

TransAtlantic Council, Boy Scouts Of America (2007-present)
President 2016 - present
Board of Directors Finance Committee Chair
Executive Vice President 2015
TAC is the American Boy Scouts organization providing programs and leadership to all Boy Scouts located in Troops in Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Russia

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Fordham University

Fordham University School of Law – Dean’s Planning Council  - (2005-present)
Board supporting the development efforts of one of America’s top 25 Law Schools

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