Employment History


Kungur Oilfield Equipment & Services - (2007 to May 2009)
Chief Executive Officer and General Director


  • Lead and direct the efforts of the Russian company Kungur Oilfield Equipment & Services’ (Kungur’s) Senior Executive team in formulating and executing business and operational strategy

  • Develop transformation process to take Kungur from a post-Soviet working culture to a culture of delegation, and accepting the adoption of more advanced operational processes and systems

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Ernst & Young - (1977 to 2007)
Global Chief Operating Officer (2003 to 2007)
Global Executive Partner (1994 – 2003)


  • Led and directed the efforts of Ernst & Young (“E&Y”) Global Senior Executive team in formulating and executing business and operational strategy worldwide, including critical decisions about investments in practices and people

  • As a member of E&Y Global Governance Board and the Global Management Committee, managed complex business challenges involving regulatory pressures, market and competitive forces, and people and organizational issues throughout the world

  • Set the overall management agenda for E&Y Global, including performance measures and targets

  • Cultivated a culture of operational excellence throughout the world for delivering seamless, consistent, high-quality client service, worldwide

  • One of small group of partners who developed EY’s practices in Russia and Eastern Europe, China, Vietnam, Italy, Venezuela, India, Korea, and other emerging markets

Significant accomplishments

  • Transformed E&Y’s worldwide network from decentralized operations that acted unilaterally in 140 countries (“silo” mindset) into a unified, globally directed organization with a common strategy, uniform quality standards and consistent service delivery in every part of the world

  • Influenced the Global Management and Governance groups in formulating action plans for significant global investments in CIS, China, India, and other strategic growth markets. E&Y business in these markets grew annually at rates ranging from 25% to 60%

  • Convinced 7,000 partners of E&Y practices that Globalization had shifted the paradigm, and organization and business model must change. Built a consensus among the partners to accept one global strategy, unifying and overarching governance principles and shared economic interests—while retaining ownership, within a partnership model, locally

  • Directed a large team of senior executives in acquiring 58 Andersen practices worldwide. Led the combination discussions with Andersen senior management globally, and in key countries. The strategy has catapulted E&Y into a very strong 2nd position among the Big Four professional services firms

Vice Chair and National Director Human Resources (1985 – 1994)
Senior executive of E&Y in charge of Human Resources. Directed the recruitment, retention, compensation and benefits, professional development, career advancement and succession planning for all of E&Y’s people.

Associate/Assistant General Counsel (1977 – 1985)
Handled a variety of litigation and corporate transaction matters, SEC securities matters and investigations, and professional standards and ethics issues. Intimately involved with professional indemnity insurance and risk management issues. Served as one of the architects of “Big Eight” mutualization. Designer and implementor of E&Y’s captive insurance entity. Particular strength in labor and EEO matters. Significant client involvement in major forensics, special reviews and FCPA investigations.

Forensics Projects and Investigations (1977 – 2007)
Over 30 year period, participated as a leader in EY’s major forensics projects, including: “Oil For Food” (investigation into misuse proceeds from UN-permitted sale of Iraq oil to fund food and medicnes for Iraqi people – project was for the Interim Coalition Forces and initial post Sadaam Husein regime); “EF Hutton Cash Management Investigation” (led the EY investigation, culiminating in testimony before US Congress); “Swiss Financial Institutions’ Genocide Victims’ Asset Conversions” (investigation into Swiss banks’ and insurance companies’ conversion of Genocide victims’ accounts and policies; and restitution of funds to the forebears of the victims); numerous FCPA/sensitive reviews into possible illegal payments and implications under FCPA, 1933 and 1934 Acts, and related legislation under other countries’ laws [including US, Iran, Algeria, Ivory Coast, Venezuela, Indonesia, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Italy].

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Chadbourne & Parke - (1973 – 1976)
New York, NY
Associate Attorney Litigation and Corporate Matters